From the Mississippi Delta to the Black Prairie, Frances Hardwick Hairston has a love and appreciation for the land. This love of the land is reflected in her watercolor paintings of farming, landscapes, grasses, and wildflowers. "Growing up in the Mississippi Delta and now living in the Black Praire of Mississippi, I have a deep feeling for the land and for my natural surroundings. This feeling becomes a part of my paintings." I am constantly inspired with ideas I have of things I want to paint:  everyday objects such as the sun shining through waving stalks of Johnson Grass or cows grazing in my neighbor's pasture attract my attention and urge me to paint."

As an artist I want to lift the mundane to a new level so that the viewer can find this same beauty. The paintings are a record of the beauty and the uniqueness of everyday rural surroundings in the prairie."My intent is to record or document the landscape that is quickly being lost here in the prairie.

The excitement of watercolor painting is using the simplicity of water, a brush, and paint to bring life to a sheet of paper.






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